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Your Therapist

Here at To The Point Massage we believe in healing. When you come in to get a massage the treatment will be tailored to you. Your therapist is trained in many modalities, allowing her to tailor a massage specifically for you. Her areas of expertise include:


Just need to relax? Or relieve that stress in your life? That is just what this is for.


This is designed to relieve that pain that you have had in your back. To release all that tension in focus areas.


This is a technique used to release the connective tissue of the body. It runs throughout and can get stuck together. Fascia is what scar tissue is made of. This modality is made to help get rid of scar tissue and whatever other adhesions you may have.

All these things can help with stress, pain, anxiety, hypertonicity and injury rehabilitation. Do yourself a favor, check out our prices and book a massage.

Massage Prices